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Hi, my name is Varun Kumar. I’m currently pursuing my BTech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIIT Delhi. I was always fascinated by the realms of Electronics and Embedded Systems since my childhood and the same fascination and intrest brought here, to this point. I hope that my DIY projects will also intrigue you to learn more about Electronics.

My major areas of intrest are listed below.

Communication Systems

I've worked extensivly on real life implementation of comunication systems using USRPs and open source development toolkits for SDRs like GNUradio, OpenBTS.

Embedded Circuits

There is something special about embedded systems and micro controllers which draws my attention more than anything else, may be it's the degree of freedom they give to an indivisual to tinker and control things in his enviornment.

Analog Circuit Design

Considered as the most challenging realm of electronics world. If mastered correctly, will give a distinguisable edge to an indivisual over others.

My Projects

Surveillance Car

Using DTMF

Reaction Time Game

Using Interrupts in Atmega328p

Adaptive Screen Brightness

Using Python script and LDR

AVR Library for LCD JHD162A

For Atmega328p Micro-controller

Controlling Mouse Pointer

Using Python Script and Accelerometer

Implentation of BPSK Modulation

Using GNUradio and NI-USRP2920

Swapping Workspace in Ubuntu

Using Accelerometer and Python Script

ADC in Atmega328p

ADC in Atmega328p

Simulating Concept of Threading

Using Timers in Atmega328p


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You can mail at varun13169@iiitd.ac.in

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